When Laura opened the door and saw the small goat-man smiling she knew they were never going to give up. Never.

“Good morning, princess. I am Maurice, spokesman of the goat-people. If you could please…”

“I’m not a princess. Why is this so hard to understand?”

It first started with the emails. They said she was the lost daughter of King Horatio, beloved king of the goat-people. Poor King Horatio had perished in battle and she was his only heir. The goat-people were awaiting her return to the goat-land so she could take vengeance for the death of her father and free them from the tyranny of the perverse bird-people.

Laura got hundreds of emails from the goat-people, all asking her to take her rightful place at the throne and vanish the bird-people from their homes. A few days ago the goat-people also got her phone number. The goat-people really, really like to talk on the phone.

And now, they had her address.

Laura tried to close the door but Maurice stopped it with his hoof.

“Please, you must help us, princess. The goat-people need…”

“My father is not dead and he is also not a goat. I beg you, leave me alone!”

“The King lives? The King lives! You must take me to him, princess, you must!”

Laura pushed Maurice and closed the door. The goat-man kept ringing the doorbell and yelling “long live the king”. And then the phone started ringing.

Fact: goat-people just don’t give up. Never.


Written for Flash! Friday


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