Why do I write?

That’s a big question.

I usually don’t like asking myself that. It feels like I haven’t written enough to be able to give a good answer. And it also feels like the answer should be important, revealing, insightful. Too much pressure for such a short question.

But this week’s challenge at Terrible Minds was to do just that, to say why you write.


Writing is what I’ve always wanted to do.

It almost seems too simple, like I didn’t give it much thought and said the first thing on my mind when, in fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s safe to say that I’ve spent the last twenty years of my life thinking about writing, except for a short time when I was a teenager and my head was filled with coolness and nothing more.

I can’t imagine my life without books and without writing. It’s something that I carry so deeply that it already is a part of me, same as an arm or a lung. I think it’s all about seeing the story. That’s what made me love reading in the first place and the main reason why I keep writing.

I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to. You start reading and at one point, without you noticing it, you start seeing the story happen. The words on the page are whispered inside your head and you see these images of this place that’s built within the paragraphs and the chapters.

It’s the best feeling in the world.

And to be able to make it happen, to create that living, breathing world with nothing but my words still amazes me.

It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.


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