“I had a terrible fight with my mother yesterday. I don’t think it was necessary for her to say that she’s concerned because I don’t have job. I haven’t worked in three months, yes. But I just left a five year job, it’s not like I can’t commit to working or something like that.”

“That’s too bad. You know, two weeks ago I was doing some work in the garden. I found my mother in the tool shed with Ramón. Ramón is my mother’s butcher. And Ramón was dying to meet me.“

“Wow, that’s bad. I mean, I just wish my mother believed in me a little more.”

“Yeah. Last Tuesday I woke up and went to the kitchen to have some breakfast. My mother was having coffee with Osmar while they waited for me to get up. Osmar fixed my mother’s oven four years ago. He has three kids, the oldest is in college. And he also has a great sense of humor.”

“I get it. But what I was trying to tell you…”

“This morning I went to use the sauna after pilates and my mother was there with Felipe. Felipe is my cousin. But he’s my second cousin once removed, not my first cousin. And he is single.”

“All right, fine. You win”.


Written for Flash! Friday Vol 3 44

The story received an honorable mention, which is just lovely.

There are rumors that Raúl and I have been doing a little celebrating. I can not confirm or deny this at the time.


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